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Your online space to feel empowered and confident as a woman.

Your intention to grow, heal and step into your purpose.

What is the Rising Woman Foundation?

Saying a beautiful big ‘yes’ to ourselves as a woman is powerful.
It’s courageous. It’s brave. It’s bold. It’s exciting. It can also feel nerve-wracking and lonely.


The Rising Woman Foundation is a not for profit charity and a home for women to come together on their path to becoming the brightest, most brilliant versions of themselves. To focus on their self-love, self-development and self-mastery affordably and from the comfort of their own homes.

The Rising Woman Foundation is about remembering who you are and rising into that potential each and every day. It’s about cultivating a positive lifestyle, confident outlook and sense of


Affordably. In the comfort of our own home. At our own pace.

Our members are:


Women who can't attend all the events they wish they could.

Women who don't have time around work and family.

Women who can't afford to spend money on themselves in this way.

Women who are inspired by amazing coaches online but don't have the confidence to work one on one with someone.


Each month we offer inspired masterclasses and wisdom from varied teachers and experts who lead from the heart in their field. We learn together, understand where we’re holding ourselves back together and we evolve together. 


If you desire to be more, feel more and live more within the space of a supportive community - then this is for you.


As a not for profit charity your membership is a 100% charitable deductible and investment in you, with all proceeds supporting both this charitable foundation and women’s causes.

Video Masterclasses In Our Library From Leading Experts Including



Feminine Leadership
for Modern Women



How To Get Back In Touch With Your Sexuality & Desire Through Self Intimacy & Pleasure




Journalling To Ease Our Self-Doubt, Anxiety & Fear



Understanding Our 

Relationship To Money & 

Spending & How

To Change It.



Confidence & How To Silence Your Inner Bully



How To Plan A Life You Want To Live

An example of topics we will cover….



Finding your purpose

How to embrace your magic
Pleasure & our bodies
Unravelling our money mindset

Manifesting our desires

Understanding masculine & feminine energies
Self-care & nourishment rituals

Creating a life vision

The power of journalling

Relationships & love

Our menstrual cycle

Positive mindset growth

Confidence & body love

Each month you will receive:


A heart focused, video masterclass from an expert in their area of expertise plus accompanying worksheets to dive deep and reclaim our power and potential in the topic.


A private, online group to connect and explore into the monthly theme alongside others.

Opportunities to connect both online and in person also.


An optional book club for those of us who love to read. Following the topic of the masterclass, possibly chosen (or even written by) the host of the monthly masterclass. 


Quotes and affirmations to continually inspire and support you as you move through your day.Perfect for your phone screensaver or as a reminder to use on your vision board.

to your new home.


Choose your option below to become a founding member.

Founding membership option to view under "Select Your Plan".

Option 1.

Monthly Membership





Paid monthly.

100% Charitable Tax deduction

For Australian Residents

Annual Membership





Save $55!

100% Charitable Tax deduction

For Australian Residents

Option 2.

Why this membership?

Around work, children, life and family the reality is that many of us cannot afford, or have time to attend the retreats, courses or events we’d love to.


$15 a month works out to 50 cents a day! Less than the cost of going out for lunch. Less than the ticket price of going to an event or how much you'd pay the babysitter. Yet giving you complete and open access to numerous teachers and experts sharing their particular magic.


And it's a 100% charitable tax deduction.

This is not a purchase you will click ‘buy on’ and then forget all about it. The Rising Woman Foundation is a monthly investment in your self-growth. It reduces the noise of the personal development world in our inboxes and newsfeeds, and does something else brilliantly instead.


It streamlines our personal growth beautifully into bite-sized masterclasses that give you the “ah ha” moments you were seeking, the realisations you needed to hear, the connection with a beautiful community that you’ve felt missing. And it does it affordably.


The Rising Woman Foundation is for women who want to step into their full potential. Who want to bring to life more of who they truly are on the inside.


Meet your host



Carla Da Costa is the director of the Rising Woman Foundation and founder of the Women’s Wellness Movement. She is an award winning author, a Law of Attraction coach and the former co-owner of a Reformer Pilates studio.


Everything Carla contributes is drawn from her own personal growth and journey as a single Mum of two daughters. Her work as a result is both personal and heartfelt. Carla is currently living in Perth, Western Australia with her two daughters and their dog Oliver. She spends her time at the beach, doing Pilates, creating and writing, spending time with her partner, catching up with friends and eating way more pasta than she should.

The less official version


Hey there! I’m Carla and I’m so less polished and together than people seem to realise. I don’t know how I even project that because I don’t mean too! I think it’s because I’m naturally a type A kind of person and always have been. I’m a fly by her pants Sagittarian on the cusp of Capricorn. I’m organized only because it’s in my diary.


I love the ocean and when I can’t get there I love a cold shower. Something about both just wakes me up #firesign I always have a vision board and they grow grander every year. 


The truth is if my self from 2015 came to my house today, knocked on my door and came to visit me she would be blown away with the person I’ve become.


She’d wonder where I got that glint in my eye from, how my outlook got so optimistic, how the heck I was financing this life, how I managed to bags the guy I’m dating and how I managed to make him think he’s the one punching above his weight even!


And in that imaginary meeting, actually it says everything about who I used to be and who I am today. Thanks for being here x


Questions you might have...

Can I Leave Any Time?

Yes we don’t tie you into contract, which means if you want to leave your membership let us know and we will remove you straightaway. Please note, if you leave as a member you will lose access to all of our online content past and into the future including access to the community.

Can I Listen To Past Masterclasses As Part Of This Membership?

Yes. Masterclasses are kept within the membership library for you to visit and or revisit at anytime.

Is This Membership More For Business Or For Personal Growth?

Both. Our businesses grow only as much as we do personally. Everything we invest into ourselves is always reflected back to us.

Do You Offer Group Discounts For Businesses and Communities?

Yes, however this is by a case by case basis. Please contact us for enquiries about how to gift your employees this membership as part of their self-development.

Do You Have Payment Plans Available?

This is a monthly membership, which means each month your membership will be charged. Or, you can become an annual member and pay for the year upfront.

I’m Busy. Will I Be Able To Keep Up With The Content?

Absolutely. This membership is purposefully streamlined, digestible and created to easily fit around your life. The content can be listened to on any device at your own time, at your own pace. There’s no pressure to keep up with anyone.

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